Asset Valuation Implementation Pilots

Asset Valuation Implementation Pilots


National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Project 23-06 developed guidance, published as NCHRP Web-Only Document 335 A Guide to Computation and Use of System-Level Valuation of Transportation Assets, for agencies to use to calculate asset value to support transportation asset management (TAM). A web-based version of the guidance is available at

Piloting the Guidance

A key activity for supporting implementation of the research is to perform additional agency pilots that demonstrate different implementation approaches and serve as case studies that can provide useful information to other agencies seeking to improve their asset value approach.

As part of NCHRP Project 20-44(46) Implementing the Asset Valuation Guide, we are seeking agencies to participate in pilots of the asset valuation guidance. For more information on the Guide and the pilots, please see the supporting materials.

Asset Valuation Implementation Pilot Flyer

A one page flyer summarizing the scope of the pilots, the resources required, and benefits for potential participants.

Download Flyer

Quick Start Guide

A two page summary of the asset valuation guide, the six steps to calculate asset value, key questions that asset valuation can answer, five asset value related measures, and the three asset valuation perspective included in the guidance.

Download Quick Start Guide

Asset Valuation Video

A brief summary of the asset valuation guide in video format.

Contact Information

Please contact Bill Robert, Spy Pond Partners, LLC ( and Sid Mohan, Transportation Research Board ( if you are interested in participating.

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